Seven Steps to Isorhythmic Funkiness

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to embrace my inner geek. This week I did something about it. This is a short and sweet post, simply to continue the momentum.

The beat above, is isorhythmic. It layers phrases and displaces them. In this case, I used two loops that came bundled with Avid’s ProTools, “095 Funk Hand Claps” and “092 Latin Jazz Perc.” Here is the process:

  1. Import each loop into ProTools (use the DAW of your choice), as new tracks. I chose 5, I used 2.
  2. Change each loop to rhythmic and conform to tempo (120 bpm).
  3. Duplicate each loop until duration is around a minute.
  4. Solo each of the tracks against the most vanilla of them (“095 Funk Hand Claps”).
  5. Bounce the combination you like to an aiff file (24 bit), called IsorhythmicBeat.
  6. Import IsorhythmicBeat as a new track
  7. Use the vanilla track (“095 Funk Hand Claps”) against IsorhythmicBeat, separating and playing with the beats. I used a combination of Snap to Grid and Slip in this process.

This would make a listener and dancer a little edgy if it was used for an entire song. This is about spicing up the dish. Don’t eat an entire meal of pepper. The next step in this process will be layering melodic ideas. Stay with me…


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