I’m Struggling to Find the Right Word… Ironic


Years ago, when I started this journey, I decided I might have the best shot at being a lyricist. Anyone who knows me, knows I love word play. I grew up in a poetic family. As a little girl, I attended poetry workshops led by Bill Kloefkorn. I’ve always identified myself as a word girl. My, how the times have changed!

My last post discussed the game-changing session I had over Skype. It truly shook me up. I reacted by knitting myself a cocoon. I had to block out everything outside of myself to internalize what I’d just learned. What I came away with was this. If you think something is your weakness, and you work to overcome it. That will become your strength. Conversely, if you have depended on something as your strength, you just might find out it wasn’t that strong. So, here I am. I have integrated the structure, the First-Hook-to-Big-Hook melody, the minimalistic track under it, and now I am literally at a loss for words.

Irony, Everybody’s Life Lesson

We all get hooked into trying something, because we think we can be really good at it. After a while, we discover that some things are standing in our way. For me, it was production, creating tracks that sounded like they came off the radio. I continue to work hard at this, because I still see this as a weakness. But I stopped working really hard at writing lyrics, because I thought I had that part down. Well, it looks like the next weakness I have to overcome is what I used to think was my greatest strength.

We all have to take a step back now and then. We all have to take a moment to look in the mirror and decide if we recognize the person looking back at us. It’s only then we can make the choice to move again. It’s only then we can decide on a direction. I guess I’ll be working on some lyric ideas, and maybe rereading Writing Down the Bones.


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