How to Market Fun

I am a monster with a GoPro and an iPhone. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been walking up to strangers and asking if I could film them for a video, the video above. It’s amazing how easy it is. I say, “Excuse me. My name is Holly. I’m putting together a video to promote a photo contest. If you’re not in the witness protection program, would you mind being part of it? I won’t take more than 2 minutes of your time.” I had one person decline, just one.

I don’t think these people were interested in fame. None of them asked me to send them the finished video. I think they wanted to be helpful, or thought it might be fun. And it was fun! By the end of this project, I had a real desire to go to a quilt museum. I don’t quilt. I simply got caught up in the energy of the people I was filming.

Honestly, I think that’s the key to any marketing. If you can get caught up in the energy of whatever you are promoting, you can create the same spark in others. And it follows that anything we lose interest in as marketers will suffer from that waning energy. We sometimes think of content marketing as a burden, about as much fun as those English Lit papers we had to write in college (woo-hoo). It starts to feel like something we have to do, instead of something we get to do.

So, how does Stella get her groove back? I got energized by other people, people who already enjoyed the very things I was trying to promote. I didn’t survey them. I didn’t do a market test. I got out there with them and caught them in the act of enjoying what they already enjoy. You can see it on their faces. You can see it in the way they move. So, get out there and experience what you’re trying to promote. Listen to the people who already love it. You get to do this for a living.


Why this is Brilliant!

The video above came across my desk this week. I work for a small company that bought a GoPro camera. Since then, I have been on the GoPro mailing list. Some of the messages I receive are catalogs of specialized mounts, but the ones I watch for have featured videos. I have watched models base jump in heels, hippies snow board, and ruggedly handsome men hang out with lions. I am hooked. This one in particular struck me as brilliant.

The Indie Band

Family Crest is your typical indie band. They wrote a good song, with a memorable hook. It is just different enough to be a little exciting. This band has a handful of videos on their YouTube channel. Bunches of them are static images with music over the top of them. Those have a respectable number of views. The band also has a fully-produced video that is nicely edited, it’s pretty and shows off San Francisco. That video has over 32,000 views. Then they filmed this with a camera strapped to everything that moves. More importantly, they let the viewer see those cameras. Now this video has over a quarter of a million views.

Product Placement!

This video is going viral because it has the power of a corporation behind it. GoPro features videos that show the cameras and what they can do. Add a great song and you have something people will share. Make it attractive to the right demographic and you get sales! Show 5 or 6 cameras in the same video, and you get multiple sales! This video represents a magic cycle. Family Crest created this video hoping to get picked up by GoPro. It paid off, and their video is being viewed by hundreds of thousands of potential new fans. GoPro is also seeing a pay off. This hits their demographic and every view is a potential customer.