Dear Kitten — A Cute, Little, Fuzzy Lesson in Social Media

Not long ago, Friskies released this video, for BuzzFeed. This cute, little thing stands as a great lesson to anyone marketing on any of the social media — especially Facebook.

Justin and Steve
My boys, Justin and Steve

Bring on the kittens! First, let’s face it. The internet is filled with adorable kittens and puppies. They makes us go, “awwww.” They pull us out of our cubes, and into nature (or at least other people’s living rooms). Not long ago, I sat in the parking lot of my gym, and watched a stranger’s kitten climb into a tissue box. This is the power of the cute and fuzzy! Cats rule the internet, just like they did in Ancient Egypt. Yes. I have cats. So, what does Dear Kitten have to teach us?

Dear Kitten tells a story. You are at your best as a marketer if you can tell a story. This particular story is told through the older cat, while the kitten tumbles, and generally looks cute. It ain’t Ibsen, but it’s fun! We like fun! Be fun! Tell your story!

Borrow from the best. Some time ago, Henri le Chat Noir hit the share zone. It was a brilliant combination of French art film and cats. Henri filled a niche for the cat lover with a liberal arts degree. Yes. I have one of those too. Henri was niche. Dear Kitten is for the masses. Henri was a bit too brooding and critical. Dear Kitten has no disdain.

The dry cat food is to prepare them to be astronauts! The final lesson, is to remain positive. Certainly, some negativity works. Much of the political landscape is hip-deep in negativity. But a positive message like Dear Kitten won’t get the average person unfriended. It will get shared, and draw people to the Friskie’s website, and make that cat food fly off the shelves (and into space!).

Your goal is to generate shares. Make all things cute work for you. Tell stories. Have fun! Stay positive. Maybe you’ll get picked up by BuzzFeed…

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